Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
Tvs Ntorq Sale  in Dhaka
৳ 1,994,881,515(Fixed)


Tvs Ntorq 2021 Model sale in Dhaka

Seller No:



Tvs Ntorq
Race Edition Official bike
Model 2021/Reg-31/03/2022
DM-Ha-69-Serial Mirpur Brta
Tax token 02 Years
Only 7100 kM-100% real
Price 175,000 Tk-Almost fixed
first owner

Tvs Ntorq Specification By Google : 

The TVS Ntorq is a stylish and feature-packed scooter designed to appeal to young riders. With its sporty looks and advanced technology, it offers an engaging riding experience combined with practicality for daily commuting. Here’s a concise overview of its specifications:

The heart of the TVS Ntorq is a 124.8cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, generating a peppy power output of around 9.4 horsepower. This engine is equipped with a CVTi-REVV transmission, delivering smooth acceleration and excellent performance across various riding conditions. The scooter boasts a top speed of approximately 95 km/h, making it one of the swiftest in its segment.

In terms of design, the Ntorq features a bold and contemporary styling, characterized by sharp lines, edgy graphics, and distinctive LED lighting elements. Its angular apron, sharp headlamp, and sleek tail section contribute to its sporty appeal, while the dual-tone color schemes add a touch of vibrancy.

Riding dynamics are enhanced by a high-rigidity underbone chassis, ensuring stability and agility on urban streets. The scooter rides on 12-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels wrapped in tubeless tires, offering superior grip and handling. It features telescopic front suspension and gas-filled hydraulic rear shock absorbers, providing a comfortable and controlled ride even on rough roads.

One of the standout features of the TVS Ntorq is its connectivity suite, which includes the SmartXonnect technology. This system enables riders to pair their smartphones with the scooter via Bluetooth, allowing access to a range of features such as navigation assistance, caller ID, SMS alerts, and vehicle diagnostics through the dedicated Ntorq app.

Other notable amenities include an LCD instrument cluster with a digital speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and more. The scooter also offers ample storage space with a 22-liter under-seat storage compartment, USB charging port, and front glove box.

Safety features comprise a disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear, supported by the integrated braking system (IBS) for enhanced stopping power and stability. Additionally, the scooter comes equipped with features like an engine kill switch, pass-by switch, and tubeless tires for added safety.

Overall, the TVS Ntorq combines performance, style, and technology to cater to the needs of modern urban riders, making it a compelling choice in the competitive scooter market.

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  • Bike Type: Motorcycle
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: TVS
  • Model: Tvs Ntorq
  • Year of Manufacture: 2021

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